01 Sep 2011

Winding down...

Posted by Jamis on Thursday, September 1

It’s been a good run, but my thrill for blogging has ebbed. Most of my online conversation occurs on Twitter these days, and my Buckblog has definitely felt the lack of attention.

So, it is with some sadness that I announce the end of the Buckblog. Nothing is actually going away: the articles and existing comments will all remain where they are, but I won’t be posting any more, and no more comments will be accepted on any of them. It’ll all be “read-only” from here on out.

I have no doubt that in coming months and years I’ll get the itch to post something that won’t fit on Twitter. I’m not sure yet how I’ll work that. Maybe I’ll create a Tumblr account for the purpose. Or maybe I’ll just post static HTML pages and link them up via Twitter. I figure I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

At any rate, here’s to the future!

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28 Feb 2007


Posted by Jamis on Wednesday, February 28

I’ll be away at a family reunion (of sorts) in Eugene, Oregon for the next few days. As a result, I won’t be posting anything to my blog until next Wednesday at the earliest. Bring on the rain!

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09 Feb 2007


Posted by Jamis on Friday, February 9

Well, it was a good run; I think I’ve written at least one post every weekday since the first week in January—a first for me. I have a new respect for those bloggers who post great content, day after day. It’s hard work!

Unfortunately, I’m going to be doing some traveling late next week, and so I’ll be taking the week off from posting to this blog. Recharging my batteries, so to speak. Expect more posts (hopefully I can keep up this daily schedule!) beginning on Monday the 19th.

Thank-you to all of you who have written in with suggestions of things to write about. I’ll be going over those suggestions this next week, and will possibly write up one or two of them. If anyone else has ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments here.

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19 Sep 2006

Enter Mephisto

Posted by Jamis on Tuesday, September 19

Alright! I’ve finally finished my migration to Mephisto. I’ve tried to set up redirects and such so that all existing links and feeds will still work, but there are (no doubt) things I’ve missed. If you notice anything broken, please let me know.

With that migration out of the way, I should finally have some time to start blogging again. I’d like to start documenting some of the new features in Capistrano 1.2, among other things. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you’ve been subscribed to my feed, you may want to update the link. I’m going through feedburner now, so you’ll need to click the “Articles” link in the sidebar on the right, and go through that whole song-and-dance. Many thanks!

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14 May 2005


Posted by Jamis on Saturday, May 14

Okay, so I’m on Typo now. I’ve got some simple redirects set up so that RSS feeds to my old blog won’t totally crash and burn, but there’s just not an easy way to set up redirects from old articles to new articles—the URLs are too different between rublog and typo.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to set up or change various things. If you notice something broken that ought not to be, please let me know about it.

Finally, huge huge kudos to TextDrive. If you’re looking for top-notch hosting, definitely give these guys a look.

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05 May 2005

Switching to Typo

Posted by Jamis on Thursday, May 5

Everyone’s doing it. I’m feeling peer pressure. And besides, Typo’s cool.

So, I’ll be switching to Typo in the near future (meaning, maybe tomorrow, or the next day). Prepare to have the RSS feeds break—when they do, just come back and subscribe to the new ones. Bookmarks to existing articles will all break as well.

I’ve almost got everything in place to make the switch—I’m just tweaking the interface so that it looks more like this blog than the default Typo look-and-feel.

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16 Sep 2004

Back to Blogging

Posted by Jamis on Thursday, September 16

After a nice long hiatus, I think I’m going to start writing in my blog again. I stopped for several reasons: I was busy, I was sick of MoveableType, etc, etc. Now, I’m still busy, but I managed to move back to Rublog, a blogger written in Ruby. Not that that is terribly important, but it is certainly nice being able to hack new features into it, using my language of preference.

I’m still not sure about the template I’m using—I hacked it together myself. It’s a sight better than the default that ships with Rublog, but I think the banner still needs some work, at least.

I also hacked together an online interface for creating and editing blog entries. That should mitigate one of the concerns I had with Rublog, which was that you had to edit your entries locally and then upload them. (Dave Thomas has another solution to that, which he uses, but it requires that you have a CVS repository on your remote host, and I don’t have that kind of access to the box that hosts this blog.)

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02 Mar 2004

Move Completed

Posted by Jamis on Tuesday, March 2

I just finished moving all of my old blog articles (heh, all 12 or so of them) from my old blog to this one. I guess that makes it official. There’s still quite a bit about this new arrangement that I’d like to tweak when I get the time… Who knows? Perhaps I’ll be really motivated and get it all done by my next blog entry. :)

The things I’d still like to do with this blog are:

  1. Find a better template/style. I’ve tried three so far, and the one I’ve got right now is okay, but there are still several things about it that bug me. Some of the colors, for instance, are too washed out.
  2. I don’t like how it shows entries based on their age. I’d rather it show just the last n_ entries, instead of all entries at most _n days old. I need to see if that’s fixable.
  3. I don’t like how a blog’s list of “related links” must be hardcoded into the template. If I ever change templates, I have to make sure to copy my favorite links to the new template. Yuck!
  4. I would prefer that each article showed which category (or categories) it belonged to.

On the other hand, there are several things about it I like:

  1. Multiple categories per article. I’m not sure if I’ll use that feature or not, but it’s kind of nice.
  2. CSS-based themes. I need to learn more about CSS to really take advantage of this, and it only works with “modern” (read “no more than 2 years old”) browsers, but it is quite powerful.
  3. The calendar “component” is nice.
  4. Plugins! It really like that I can choose almost any text format system that I like (although it would be nice if there were an RDoc formatting option… guess I’ll add that to my “to do” list).

Other things I’m still not sure I like or not:

  1. Blogs are published as static pages, instead of dynamically generated on the fly. There are pros and cons to both approaches, so I guess I’m riding the fence right now.
  2. Written in Perl… yah, that means it’ll work just about anywhere, but I’m so partial to Ruby right now…

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Blogs Blogs Blogs

Posted by Jamis on Tuesday, March 2

I was introduced to Movable Type by a friend at work today. I was about 60% through my own [Ruby weblog implementation, which (if I may be forgiven the hubris of a moment of self-congratulation) was coming together pretty darn well. I’d even implemented a slick little templating engine in 200 lines of Ruby code, and was heading towards a full-featured blog, complete with user authentication, comment submission, themes, and more.

I suppose it’s a good thing I was pointed to [Movable Type], though—I’d pretty much finished with all the easy parts of my own blog implementation, and (as everyone knows) when you’ve finished with the easy parts, all that’s left are the hard parts. And I hate the hard parts.

Movable Type is pretty slick. It’s feature-rich enough that I can forgive it’s Perl-based implementation. I mean, you can get all kinds of plugins for it (I’m using one right now that lets me write my blog entries using [Textile]). It supports multiple users, and even multiple blogs, in the same installation. And best of all, it was relatively simple to install on my web host. (Don’t get me started… my current web host is a topic for another day…)

I think I’m hooked, although I’d be even more hooked if I could find a Movable Type workalike that was implemented in [Ruby]. I know, the implementation shouldn’t matter (and doesn’t matter to most people), but… but… but… Ruby is just so cool! (That’s another topic for another day.)

Perhaps someday I’ll return to and finish my little blogger. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll even write that Movable Type workalike…

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06 Feb 2004

Thus it Begins...

Posted by Jamis on Friday, February 6

It seems like everywhere I go on the ‘Net these days, I encounter weblogs and wikis. Guess it’s just the thing to do. I’d hate to be considered outmoded, so here’s my very own online journal—the “BuckBlog”!

I’ll be posting my thoughts on various things, including programming language design, books I’m reading, programming languages I’m learning, raising kids, and so on. I’ll try to keep the topics categorized, so if you find yourself visiting this blog often you can easily get at the stuff you really want to read.


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