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assorted ramblings by Jamis Buck


Oct 2006

Mining ActiveSupport: Object#returning

27 October 2006 — The under-appreciated Object#returning method is presented, with examples of how it is particularly useful — 2-minute read
Sep 2006

Introducing the Capistrano Shell

20 September 2006 — A new Capistrano extension is introduced, allowing commands to be run interactively and in parallel on multiple servers at once — 5-minute read
Mar 2006

Web services, Rails-style

27 March 2006 — An exhortation to provide web-services by default for Rails apps — 3-minute read

Integration Testing in Rails 1.1

8 March 2006 — Introducing and demonstrating the new integration tests feature in Rails 1.1 — 5-minute read
Oct 2005

Plugging into Rails

11 October 2005 — A convention for Rails plugins in introduced — 2-minute read