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Jan 2015

Hanging Out a Shingle

26 January 2015 — Our hero's plans change, and his journey takes an unexpected turn. — 1-minute read

After announcing last week that I was looking for a team to work with, I was overwhelmed (in the best way) by the amount of interest that was expressed. I’m sure I could have selected any of those offers and worked with great relish on any of the projects that were proposed. It was a long week, with a lot of difficult decisions involved.

In the end, though, and with the help and advice of some awesome friends, I’ve decided that the best way forward for me is to hang out a shingle of my own and try my hand at some independent consulting. It’s a humbling and more-than-slightly terrifying step, since it’s not something I’ve ever done, or ever imagined doing, but I’m really, really excited about it.

I’ll be creating a dedicated page for the consulting side of things once I’ve got more details ironed out. Thanks to everyone who contacted me—your support and encouragement have been invaluable!

Let’s see where this journey takes me…

Getting Back in the Pool

20 January 2015 — An announcement. Our hero indicates his availability for work, in the hopes that some team, somewhere, will make him an offer he cannot refuse — 2-minute read

A Better Recursive Division Algorithm

15 January 2015 — A novel variation on a the Recursive Division maze generation algorithm, in which regions are defined by arbitrary clusters of cells instead of rectangular divisions of the grid. The algorithm is presented and illustrated, and its benefits over the original algorithm are put forth. A demonstration in JavaScript is provided — 5-minute read

Winding Back Up

13 January 2015 — In which our hero cautiously tests the waters of the blogosphere once again, relates three years' worth of news and lessons learned, and announces his latest project — 3-minute read
Sep 2011

Winding down...

1 September 2011 — In which our hero tearfully exits the blogosphere, though perhaps without quite so much drama — 1-minute read
Jun 2011

Sharing the Inheritance Hierarchy

7 June 2011 — 3-minute read

Mar 2011

Maze Generation: More weave mazes

17 March 2011 — 8-minute read

Maze Generation: Weave mazes

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Feb 2011

Weave Mazes: Your Take?

28 February 2011 — 1-minute read

Programming Language Survey Results

22 February 2011 — 3-minute read


19 February 2011 — 2-minute read

Mazes in CoffeeScript

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Jan 2011

Maze Generation: Growing Tree algorithm

27 January 2011 — 9-minute read

Maze Generation: Hunt-and-Kill algorithm

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Maze Generation: Wilson's algorithm

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Maze Generation: Aldous-Broder algorithm

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Maze Generation: Recursive Division

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Dec 2010

Maze Generation: Eller's Algorithm

29 December 2010 — 11-minute read

Maze Generation: Recursive Backtracking

27 December 2010 — 5-minute read

Theseus 1.0

20 December 2010 — 3-minute read

Nov 2010

Ekawada: Approved for Sale!

23 November 2010 — 1-minute read

Design Forces in Ekawada, Part 5

9 November 2010 — 2-minute read

Ekawada: Submitted!

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Design Forces in Ekawada, Part 4

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