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14 May 2005 — The Typo blogging engine is named as the hamster in the Buckblog wheel — 1-minute read

Okay, so I’m on Typo now. I’ve got some simple redirects set up so that RSS feeds to my old blog won’t totally crash and burn, but there’s just not an easy way to set up redirects from old articles to new articles—the URLs are too different between rublog and typo.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to set up or change various things. If you notice something broken that ought not to be, please let me know about it.

Finally, huge huge kudos to TextDrive. If you’re looking for top-notch hosting, definitely give these guys a look.

Reader Comments

yes i have to do it the same;) btw. nice blog - good work;)
cool! typo is hard to install on debian! ruby 1.8.4 on debian is a pain!
Ruby is only a pain on Debian because Debian breaks the single Ruby distro into a multitude of tiny pieces, and then installs the wrong pieces by default.
Got ruby working on a clean Debian sarge by self-compiling it to /usr/local (gems is there as well). Just be sure you have zlib-dev package installed by apt. Seems to work fine for now. And my debian stays ultra-clean-stable. In general I don't like the Linux packet manager stuff. FreeBSD ports are way better to handle. But... not always can we have it.

What is zlib-dev and how do I get it?