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16 September 2004 — 1-minute read

After a nice long hiatus, I think I’m going to start writing in my blog again. I stopped for several reasons: I was busy, I was sick of MoveableType, etc, etc. Now, I’m still busy, but I managed to move back to Rublog, a blogger written in Ruby. Not that that is terribly important, but it is certainly nice being able to hack new features into it, using my language of preference.

I’m still not sure about the template I’m using—I hacked it together myself. It’s a sight better than the default that ships with Rublog, but I think the banner still needs some work, at least.

I also hacked together an online interface for creating and editing blog entries. That should mitigate one of the concerns I had with Rublog, which was that you had to edit your entries locally and then upload them. (Dave Thomas has another solution to that, which he uses, but it requires that you have a CVS repository on your remote host, and I don’t have that kind of access to the box that hosts this blog.)