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Online Capistrano Tutorial Session

7 July 2008 — 1-minute read

Today I’m pleased to announce the first online Capistrano tutorial session. It will be held via Campfire on July 15 at 7pm MDT, focusing on Capistrano basics for Rails deployment. The session will accomodate only ten people. For all details, read up at

If this proves popular enough, and if the format works out well, I’ll consider hosting more of these on more advanced topics.

Reader Comments

I would love to help give back to Capistrano in anyway I can. Contact me at the email provided with this comment if you are interesting in providing a conference bridge for all your attendees to talk on. The call recording would likely be the perfect companion for those looking for the transcripts due to missing the event.

ie) The date does not work for me but would love to see/hear what transpires :)

@mdeering, many thanks for the offer! I’m going to see how things work without voice, first, but if it looks like voice could make things better I’ll drop you a note.