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Call for (Capistrano) Links

10 July 2008 — A request is made for links related to Capistrano — 1-minute read

Tyler Bird, the director of the Capistrano documentation effort, has begun collecting links about Capistrano, to build a centralized account that people can use to find cap-related info around the web. You can read more about it on the site.

Reader Comments

Hi, I sure hope this goes somewhere, b/c right now due to lack of documentation capistrano is making my life a living hell!

I no it does great stuff, but it has hardly EVER worked for me at all.

At this point I HATE b/c it does not provide any meaningful error codes or information when there are problems.

Real documentation would be great.

I am 2 steps away from writing my own solution I am SOO angry!

@carlos, if the lack of documentation drives you to write your own capistrano clone, I say go for it! In all seriousness, and sincerity. I’d love for there to be more “competition” in this space.

On the other hand, anything you could do to contribute to documentation would be great, too. Write a blog article enumerating specific questions you have about capistrano. Make it a long list, even! Lists like that give us a better idea of where (and how!) to start documenting.

I’d love for there to be more “competition” in this space.

Fabric1 is “competition.” And it has fewer features so there’s less stuff to document :P

Still, I’d say that the documentation is very lacking aswell, but it is being worked on. :)

@Christian, cool re: fabric! There are some misleading bits on the front page there, though, e.g. “Unlike Capistrano, Fabric want’s to stay small, light, easy to change and not bound to any specific framework.” I think it’d be silly to say any app “wants” to get “bigger, heavier, and harder to change.” I say “no” to as much as I say “yes”. It just happens that Capistrano is year or more older than Fabric, with corresponding growth rings. Also, Capistrano is not “bound” to Rails. It is merely the default deployment recipes that assume Rails, but you can use cap to deploy anything.

At any rate, cool to see some competition! Thanks for pointing that out, and best of luck.