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Rails Presentation

18 February 2005 — 1-minute read

So, I gave my Ruby on Rails presentation to the Utah Java Users Group last night, and it went very well. I also was able to meet Howard Lewis Ship in person, finally, which was a treat.

My presentation was sandwiched between a JDO presentation, and Howard’s presentation on Tapestry. It was neat to see Rails compared side-by-side with Tapestry, which is one of the premier web-frameworks for Java. I think there is plenty that can be learned on both sides. It would be interesting to see Rails with an object-component model like Tapestry has (but I say that quietly, because I’m not necessarily up to volunteering to write it!).

If you’re interested, you can view my presentation online (in an incredibly ugly format, but I blame OOo for that) right here. Alternative, you can download the whole thing (warning: 14 meg download) here.