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Look at me, I'm a Signal!

16 February 2005 — 1-minute read

Two months ago, I began doing consulting work for 37signals. Primarily, I was working on Basecamp, adding new features and fixing bugs, as requested.

And now, two months later, it looks like Jason and friends feel that I’m a good fit. I’m going to be a Signal!

March 1st will be my last day at BYU, where I’ve worked as a programmer for the last 5 years. I’m certainly not leaving BYU out of any dissatisfaction there—it’s been an extraordinarily wonderful place to work, and I’ll be leaving a lot of friends I’ve made there.

But starting March 2nd, I’ll be working for 37signals, from home, in Ruby—definitely my definition of a “dream job”. It’ll be a great opportunity, and one that will really stretch me.

I had the opportunity to meet Jason and Ryan (and David, although David and I met previously at the 2004 International Ruby Conference) at the Building of Basecamp workshop in Seattle a couple weeks ago. I can honestly say that I’m leaving one fantastic job for another—these are great guys.

Here we go!