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9 December 2005 — 1-minute read

I was recently pointed at Phonewords, a Mac OS X Cocoa application for discovering words hidden in your phone number(s). It’s a fun little program—the free version will give you up to ten words, and for $10 you can register and have it give you every word it can find.

It also comes with an address book plugin that allows you to generate and select phonewords from within your address book. (There’s even a demo movie that shows off this feature).

The sad news is that my phone number doesn’t work out to anything meaningful. My cell-phone number at least gave me something memorable. But whether you get anything meaningful or not, it’s still a fun app to play with.

Reader Comments

Of course, there are also web apps that will do this for free. With "one of them,": I found years ago that my phone number growing up ended in @-NERD@. Fortunately I discovered this late into high school, and not earlier, so I was spared endless harrassment, however justified.
We did a Ruby Quiz on this very topic.
If you want a free version of this tool, look no further than It doesn't have any cool address book integration, but it may find other words that you might otherwise have to pay for.
Sounds like a perfect puzzle for a bit of Haskell hacking, doesn't it? ;-)

For those who are looking for conversions or better still if you are in the market to find which Phonewords currently available in Australia should look here . And naturally you’ll find extensive list of International Telecommunication Directories.