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The best things happen while you're coding....

10 December 2005 — A link is proposed between software design and choreography — 1-minute read

So, it being the Christmas season and all, I popped in White Christmas and watched through one of my favorite song-and-dance numbers in all of cinema (“The best things happen while you’re dancing”, with Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen). And at the risk of sounding incredibly geeky and sentimental, I have to say that the enjoyment I get watching that number reflects some of the joy I feel when I’m pounding out some really beautiful code. Software design is a kind of choreography, with its implementation being (potentially) as aesthetically pleasing as any dance number.

Admittedly, it’s probably easier for most people to appreciate a dance number than a page or two of code. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder…

Reader Comments

Jamis, you're such a dork. Dorkmax
How far does the analogy goes? If code is beautiful in different ways to different people, can you say you aspire you’re code to be ‘Jazzy’? what about ‘classic’ and ‘modern’ code?
Although I don't really like the song and dance stuff, I have to agree that nice code can be great to look at and read.
_Love_ that song and dance number! (the first one, not the one at the inn where they announce their fake engagement)