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Ekawada: Approved for Sale!

23 November 2010 — The author's Ekawada app for iOS is finally approved for sale on the App Store — 1-minute read

Last night I received a long-awaited email: Ekawada is finally approved for sale in the App Store!

It’s been a pretty wild ride, from start to finish. The first commit was made on May 25, but I’d been tinkering on it for at least a month before that, learning Objective-C and Cocoa and basically trying to prove to myself that this was something I could actually build. The app was submitted to the App Store on November 3rd, rejected (due to a bug in Ekawada) on the 11th, resubmitted, and finally accepted just last night. And here I am, almost 6 months since that initial commit, offering my creation to the world.

Really exhilarating. Even if no one else likes what I’ve built, I’ve learned a lot, and since I built the app primarily for myself, there will always be at least one passionate user!

So, the sales pitch: if you have an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) with at least iOS 3.0, head on over to the App Store and download Ekawada. It’s free, comes with eight figures for you to learn, and includes nine tutorials to help you along. And if you happen to like what you see, there are almost 100 more figures (in 5 packs) available for purchase in-app, $0.99 per pack.

And let me know what you think, either with ratings and reviews in the App Store, comments here, notes on Twitter, or even just an old-fashioned email.


Reader Comments

Congrats Jamis! How was the learning curve from Ruby and your current language skillset to Objective-C / Cocoa?

Thanks, @blinkless! The transition wasn’t very bad, actually. I’m originally a C programmer, and Objective-C even shares many things in common with Ruby. Learning Cocoa was the trickiest part, but I’ve had some experience with other event-driven GUI frameworks and many of the concepts were quite portable.

Hi Jamis just downloaded your app and simply had to buy one more pack of figures. Can’t wait to try it out, will give you Feedback as soon as possible, thanks very much for all your effort! We are having an ASFA meeting soon here in Munich (anonymous string figure addicts), and I will spread the news here in Germany :-) Greetings and best wishes! Janine

Thank-you, Janine! I look forward to hearing your feedback!