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The future of FuzzyFinder-TextMate

28 January 2009 — 1-minute read

Back in October I released a Vim extension for mimicking TextMate’s cmd-T file lookup feature. I use it heavily now, and it works great for me.

Sadly, the author of the FuzzyFinder Vim script, upon which my extension depends, keeps changing internal implementation details that I had to hook into to make my extension work. The result? Every few weeks my extension breaks with the latest FuzzyFinder.

Needless to say, this is work I don’t need. The fuzzyfinder-textmate stuff works fine for me. It works fine for people on older versions of FuzzyFinder. And I really don’t care to support this anymore.

If you’re passionate about this, please feel free to fork the project on GitHub and release your changes independently. Feel free to post your changes on the vim script page, even! I hereby release that code into the public domain. Do with it as you please!

Reader Comments

It’d be interesting for github to have a way of selecting a ‘preferred repository to install gems from.

For instance, if I asked for the gem “jamis-fuzzyfinder_textmate” it would always install yours. And if I asked for simply “fuzzyfinder_textmate” it would point to yours. But if someone stepped up and took over your project, you’d have the option of passing the baton (maybe they could even call it a ‘baton’, I don’t know what name it should have).

Then a “gem install fuzzyfinder_textmate” would find the one maintained by the new person you passed the baton to.

Jamis, do you recall which version of fuzzyfinder.vim works with the last version of fuzzyfinder_textmate.vim? Thanks!

@Michael, I do not, I’m afraid. If you figure it out, please feel free to add a comment to this thread.

2.16 works fine for me, Michael.

Niels, thanks. I have also just confirmed that no version of fuzzyfinder.vim after 2.16 works with the version of fuzzyfinder_textmate.vim that I downloaded from github today. Thinking about it a little more, that probably should have been the obvious first guess from the release/commit history of the two files respectively.

Also to go along with that version note, although FuzzyFinder is listed as a vim 7.0 script on it actually needs 7.1 from 2.0 onward.

Thanks for the script Jamis sure someone will give it a good home.

I’m still using 2.13 and it works fine for me. Thanks Jamis. fuzzyfinder_textmate is wonderful.

Thanks again, Jamis. I’m a big fan of FuzzyFinder-Textmate

FuzzyFinder has a bug when works TagList plugin (it open the file in taglist, very annoying). It’s solved in fuzzyfinder 2.16 changing the line 1483:

wincmd p


wincmd j

Then the next time that you open a file it’ll open in correct window.


Can you please share working FuzzyFinder & FuzzyFinderTextMate vim files. I tried FuzzyFinder from v2.11 to 2.19 but with no success. FuzzyFinderTextmate installed from github.

Thanks, Mitko Kostov.

Thanks a lot Jamis, one of the better plugins ever.

FYI: working perfectly with FuzzyFinder 2.16.

If you get following crash after installing this:

(eval):1093: [BUG] unexpected local variable ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [powerpc-darwin8]

Vim: Caught deadly signal ABRT Vim: Finished. Abort trap

Then you might also have lusty-explorer ( installed. For some reason, these scripts don’t like each others. Both are made in ruby.

To avoid this problem, rename the fuzzyfinder_textmate.vim to zfuzzyfinder_textmate.vim. This makes it to be loaded last, and this somehow avoids the problem. Thanks for the Stephen Bach, author of lusty-explorer, for this info.