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Child 3.0

8 September 2007 — A new member of the Buck family is introduced — 1-minute read

After nine grueling months of intensive development, Child 3.0 (code-named “Britton Edward Buck”) was deployed early this morning, at 1:55am MDT, in Boise, Idaho.

Major props to my wife, Tarasine, for all her work on this latest addition to the Buck family of products. ;)

Reader Comments

Congrats :) Cute metaphor, too.

Must be the season… Our Sr Developer, Dave Woodward became a father today as well… congrats!

Congrats! We just deployed our own version of Child 3.0 last week!

Congrats to the Buck family!


I’m sorry, where can I find the download link?

Congrats! 1.d20 hurras for you all! :D


describe Child do it “should make for proud parents” do child.parents.should be_proud end it “should have a hello world tshirt” do child.tshirt.content.should equal(“hello world!”) end end

Well, that was supposed to be a little rspec for the Child model… code formatting didn’t work out as expected ;) Parse away…



(My Sister got her first baby 12 days ago)

Congrats on a successful deployment!

set :gateway, “Tarasine” set :deploy_to, ”/life”

“Hello World!” :)

Congratulations! :-)

Most excellent news! I’m (9+)8 months into Baby3 myself.

Personally I’m three months into v2.0 of Child and it’s a bit early to consider an upgrade.

My best wishes to yourself and to Mum – who did all the hard work!


Congrats on another fine product. :)

Congratulations Jamis!!! I also have 3.0 in the works. Aren’t they wonderful!

Congrats Jamis! As always, good work! ;-)

9 months is quite the development cycle. Sounds alot like waterfall to me… Perhaps you want to try a more Agile aproach next time?

Congratulations to you, your wife, and the whole family!

Congratulations Buck Family!

Congratulation Jamis and Tarasine! Way to go 3.0!! I hope 1.0 and 2.0 really enjoy 3.0

So … did you use Capistrano for this one?

congrats :)


Congratulations! When does the marketing campaign start? ;-)

Welcome, Britton Edward Buck !! Best wishes Jamis and wife !!

Hey Jamis,

Way to go on that productivity :)

Excellant news…I’m very pleased for you. Looking forward to our own first release with lots of excitement (which, by the way, is going to have a 1.XX version number) ...

All the best, health & happiness to you and your releases… :)


Felicitaciones! Although long debugging nights await you, again, I’m sure the feeling of holding a brand new product fresh of the product line is something you can never forget. Hope your new product takes you to new markets you never dreamed of.



3 * “buck” => “buckbuckbuck”




Congratulations to you and Tarasine! Make sure to post a pic or two to the tumblelog sometime.

congratulations. is this soooo geeeeekkk

Congrats, Jamis!

Congrats to you and the fams!

@ Charlie Park,

Of course he used Capistrano.. don’t be ridiculous

cap deploy_with_gestation

congratulations! We are developing a new product too, but it’s still 2.0. The release is planned for the beginning of november ;-)

nicely put Jamis :-)

Many congrats to you all.

  1. 38. pimpmaster said…
  2. Of course he used Capistrano.. don’t be ridiculous

although cap was used, i assume there’s no cap rollback ;-)

Many congrats to you all :-)

Will Mac OS X Leopard bundle Child 3.0?

I’m hoping Child 3.0 won’t be bundled with Microsoft’s next Borg-tastic creation. “Resistance is futile—you will be assimilated”. Don’t fight it. You got a lot to learn, young Buck. The Borg knows what’s best for you.

Too bad there is no new Jamis Buck Mac Genealogy software program in which to enter the details of Child 3.0 (birth certifficate, baby blessing, and so forth). What ever happened to that idea???

Nice! Congrats, I just had my 2nd and working the courage for a third one.

A little late, but better late than never. Congrats to you and your family :-D