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Cyberbullying, over the top

26 March 2007 — 1-minute read

Kathy Sierra, author of (among other things) the “Creating Passionate Users” weblog, as been receiving death threats. It makes me absolutely sick to think of someone doing this to another human being, and especially to someone as good as Kathy.

I’ve been super busy for the last few weeks, which explains the silence on my blog for that period, but I could not, could not remain silent in the face of this. This kind of bullying behavior is unacceptable. If anyone has any information at all about the people behind the threats, please speak up. This has to stop.

Reader Comments

I agree 100%. I haven’t followed any of the links she mentioned, because I didn’t want to give them the traffic, but if we can do something useful to rally around her, and let the culprits know that people will stand up, and stand together, I’m there.

Her blog is great; one of my favorites. It made me both angry and sad to hear about the situation.