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Inspecting a live Ruby process: Day 2

23 September 2006 — 1-minute read

I knew when I posted yesterday’s article on inspecting a live Ruby process that I wasn’t the first to have done that with GDB—I just didn’t know of anyone else who had. But given that I’m not a GDB guru, and there are much brighter people than me playing with Ruby’s internals, I was sure it had been done before.

I was not wrong, apparently. And not only had it been done before, it had been done better. I was delighted to see that Mauricio Fernandez has shared a collection of GDB helpers that make it easy to cheat. He defines a bunch of custom GDB functions that let you basically eval Ruby code right there from GDB! Really, really cool. Definitely give it a look.

Reader Comments is full of awesome ruby goodness, though some of it flies right over my head =)