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Got a Snazzy Capistrano Recipe?

18 March 2006 — 2-minute read

For the last few months, I’ve been working with Aaron Huslage and Obie Fernandez and others to write a book about Capistrano for the Addison Wesley Professional Ruby Series. The book will be published by Addison Wesley and available for sale later this year.

One of the chapters of the book provides a range of solutions to diverse deployment scenarios in the form of recipes. Each recipe describes a specific deployment challenge along with a Capistrano recipe that fulfills it. Although we have some recipes already written, I am looking for your contributions to make the book even better. I use Capistrano myself primarily to deploy 37signals’ applications, so with your contributions of recipes, the book can be far more expansive and cover a greater range of areas.

If you are interested in contributing, write up your recipe and send it via email to [email protected]. The authors of recipes selected for inclusion in the book will be acknowledged in print in the book and will get a free signed copy of the book mailed to them when it is published.

When writing your recipe, bear the following points in mind:

  • Each recipe should be under 1000 words
  • Recipes should be submitted in plain text
  • Keep your language direct and active. Don’t tell the reader what you are going to do, just do it.
  • Each recipe should have a title such as ‘Deploy to Mongrel on Windows’. Keep the title short and to the point.

The deadline for all submissions is Sunday, April 16th.

Good luck! See below for the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Not all recipes that are submitted can be used. Recipes will be edited for style where required. If your recipe is selected, you will be asked to sign an agreement with the terms and conditions warranting that you have the right to copyright the material (basically meaning that you didn’t steal it from someone else) and transferring that copyright to Addison Wesley so we can publish the recipe.

Reader Comments

Hey any idea why when i run my command: sudo "/etc/init.d/lighttpd restart" it fails to return? capistrano just hangs indefinately (the task does run but it is as if capistrano is waiting for something to be returned and it never happens).

So where’s the book?? It’s 2007 do you know where your book is?

Alas, I’m no longer affiliated with this book. Various things came up that prevented my fulfilling my end of that bargain. The last I heard, AW was moving ahead with different authors. I imagine if the book is still slated for publication, it will be listed somewhere on their site.