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Haskell bundle for TextMate

31 October 2005 — 1-minute read

So, I’m almost completely converted to TextMate. However, I discovered that it had no syntax highlighting support for Haskell, and googling for one didn’t turn up anything. So I did what any self-respecting programmer would do—I put one together, myself.

It is currently pretty minimal (it doesn’t support any folding yet, and it only really supports as much of the syntax as I currently understand), but it’s a start. It also supports lhs files by combining the Haskell syntax with the LaTeX bundle that comes with TextMate.

Hopefully these will be useful to someone. If you add anything to them, please send the addition back to me so I can add it to my copy.

Haskell.bundle (.tar.gz file, 1k)

Update: I’ve been given commit access to the TextMate bundles repository, and have added Haskell there.

Reader Comments

Wow! Thanks. I've been neglecting doing this myself as I've been using S.E.E. for all my Haskell hacking but this is a step in the right direction.
Hi Jamis, I think I'll learn Haskell too, at least when I can think of an interesting project to hack with it :) The tutorial you pointed to in your previous post was helpful, thanks! There is a list of wanted bundles on "TextMate's wiki":, maybe you can submit your bundle for inclusion in the repository?
Jamis that's brilliant. I took a first look at Haskell last night and immediatelly wondered where the TextMate support was ;-)
For windows, Ultra-Edit has support for Haskel code, haven't tried it though. You'll find it on "wordfile" page. if interested.
I don't have a windows machine but I hear the is a plugin for Visual Studio for Haskell that is really nice. TextMate (thanks to Jamis) and SubEthaEdit both do Haskell on OS X. Standard *nix editors like Vim and Emacs support Haskell (these work on windows and OS X too). There is preliminary work on a new tool called hIDE. It is still young but keep your eyes open for that one if you use Haskell at all.
Thank you!! My most wanted plug-in! I was thinking of doing the Haskell bundle for Textmate, mas it is quite hard, so I gived up. Thank you.

Thanks for this! It’s gonna save me an awful lot of work!