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Busiest. Day. Ever.

11 January 2005 — 1-minute read

Today, I attended a staff meeting, babysat my 3-year-old son, helped launch a new feature on Basecamp, registered a new RubyForge project, and released Net::SSH 0.9.0, Net::SFTP 0.9.0, and Syntax 0.5.0.

Mostly, I just wanted to get the latest Net::SSH out the door. It fixes a bunch of nasty bugs and adds some really cool features. In fact, with this new version of Net::SSH, you can even write a simple SSH terminal client in pure Ruby.

I’m positive that terminal client will have all kinds of problems in Windows, but from my linux box I can use it as a drop in replacement for ssh, almost. It doesn’t support window resizing, and if you run vim it assumes a window size of 80×24. But more would you expect from 45 lines of Ruby code?