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Funeral Cookies

30 March 2004 — 1-minute read

Why did this strike me as funny?

I’m the webelos leader for our local cub scout pack (sponsored by our ward—which is just what we call a congregation of members of the LDS Church). Tonight we had a pack meeting, and after all was said and done, cookies were served for the snack. Soft, store-bought sugar cookies, with a thick layer of bright pink, white, and blue frosting, with sprinkles on them. Very festive.

We didn’t have a very good turn out at the meeting, so there were lots of cookies left over. Our Bishop (the title given to a leader of an LDS congregation) was asked what could be done with the leftovers, and after thinking a moment he offered to take them and use them at a funeral that was going to be held in the next couple of days…

So. Anyone else find that vaguely humorous? And if so, why? Is it because of the thought of sugar cookies at a funeral (and these are not exactly somber-looking cookies), or is it the thought of reusing leftover cookies from a scouting activity at a funeral?

Anyway, it give Tarasine and me a chuckle this evening.

Reader Comments

Hey! Funeral cookies go right next to the funeral potatos! :) I know you know what I'm talking about. heehee