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Fanfare for the Common Programmer

16 March 2004 — 1-minute read

Today I released Copland 0.1.0 “Fanfare for the Common Programmer”. Copland is an inversion of control container (similar to [Hivemind]) for the Ruby programming language.

It’s been a pretty wild ride today. After about 4 days of work on Copland, I finally released it. My intention was to name it after the American composer Aaron Copland, but I spelled the name wrong… the first release was labeled “Copeland”. Oops.

So, after some juggling and rushing, I managed to get that little typo fixed (thanks to lots of help from various people in the Ruby community. Tom Copeland, who runs [RubyForge], has been especially helpful).

This was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the RubyGems project, a new way of packaging and distributing Ruby libraries. It is really slick. I mean, slicker than anything I’ve seen for Ruby in a long time. And so easy to use!

At any rate, it’s time for bed, if I can get Katie to sleep. She just had about 3 ounces of forumla and is acting wide awake… argh…