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12 November 2004 — 1-minute read

For a software engineer, I’ve been putting virtual pen to virtual paper much more often recently than I am used to.

David Heinemeier Hansson (of Ruby on Rails fame) has been chatting with me about the possible uses of dependency injection in Rails. At his request, I wrote a proposal (Rails, Injected) that describes a proof-of-concept implementation of Rails environments using Needle, as well as the benefits that Rails can derive from using dependency injection. David (and others) have made several helpful suggestions for making it even better, and the proposal has been updated each time to reflect their thinking. Dave Thomas also mentioned this proposal in a recent article.

Then, Chad Fowler approached me, soliciting an article for RubyGarden. He was curious if I would write about my Copland and Needle IOC frameworks, especially focusing on why I would find it necessary to write two very different libraries with the same goals. That article, To the Point, is now available on RubyGarden. Many thanks to Chad Fowler and David Black, who read it over several times and tendered feedback. It is a much better article now than the draft I originally submitted to Chad.

Now, back to work on Net::SSH...