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2 April 2016 — The author expresses his intent to write future articles on — 1-minute read

Back in August, I set myself a goal. I was going to write one article for my blog, every week, to be published on Saturday.

Now, here I am, 31 weeks later, writing my 32nd article. I’m not going to try and claim that these have been an amazing 32 articles. Some got a lot of traction, some were a bit controversial, some were just silly explorations, and there were one or two that were written just so I could say I wrote an article that day. But I did it!

It’s been a great exercise, and one which I fully intend to continue. However, I think I’m going to move over to Medium for a while. I gave Medium a try for the first time this week, when Jason Fried invited me to write a post about burnout for Signal v. Noise, and I’ve been very impressed.

The article, incidentally, was based on the first half of my presentation for Mountain West Ruby Conference. I’d like to write more about burnout, because I think that we–as a community of developers–don’t talk about it enough.

So, follow me on Medium! I’ll see you all there.