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Mazes for Programmers: Beta!

4 February 2015 — The author announces the beta availability of his new book, "Mazes for Programmers", and invites the reader to participate in its completion by offering feedback, corrections, and suggestions — 2-minute read

I’ve been working on this book so long that I can hardly believe the end is almost in sight. Today marks the biggest milestone yet: Mazes for Programmers is out in beta and is available for purchase!

That’s not to say it’s done yet, though. Oh, no. This is just a beta book, still—unfinished, lacking a few chapters, but good enough to start getting feedback from actual readers. (Wow. Good enough to start getting feedback from actual readers!)

That’s where you come in.

You may already be familiar with my other writings on the topic of maze algorithms. Whether you are or not, though, the book has plenty of new material. Even the material I’ve written about before is presented much more clearly in the book. (Ahem. If I do say so myself!) I’ve learned a few things since writing those posts, and the book reflects that, I think.

So, are you interested in algorithms, and specifically maze algorithms? Want to learn how to fit mazes into arbitrary outlines, or make mazes out of circles or hex grids? Want to see how to use Dijkstra’s algorithm to visualize the structure of your mazes? Want to build mazes in multiple dimensions, or on non-planar surfaces like Möbius strips? Want to get inspired?

Then check it out. You can even click the “Contents/extracts” tab at that link to read a few excerpts from the book, if you’re on the fence.

Once you purchase it, please be sure to join the forum and share your thoughts, questions, accomplishments, and creations! Also, since this is still a work in progress, you’re sure to find typos, ambiguities, and even (gasp!) errors, so please report those via the errata form.

I can’t wait to see what you make!