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Tutorial #2: Recap

14 August 2008 — The second Capistrano tutorial session started rocky, but finished well — 1-minute read

So, the second Capistrano tutorial session has come and gone. It was a great session, though it started pretty rough. (I was very unprepared for some windows-related configuration issues during the first half-hour. That won’t happen again.) I appreciate everyone’s patience who participated!

I’m going to be quiet on the tutorial front for the next several weeks, but its not because I’ve given up on them. I’m going to be rethinking some aspects of them. I really want these to be opportunities for people to master capistrano, and while these first two tutorials have been very useful to those who attended (their words, not mine), I think they could be even better.

Stay tuned!

Reader Comments

Despite using Cap regularly on several production apps, I suspected I might be able to get something out of session; I was right. While a bit of it seemed like review, there were a significant number of “aha!” moments for me during the tutorial. Couple the tutorial-proper content with the more informal Q & A session, and it was easily worth the price.

And the real kicker is Jamis sent all of the participants a transcript of the Campfire session, after-hours haiku and all. Good stuff and worth checking out.

Thanks Jamis (and Mark I.)

Hi Jamis…have been hearing a lot about ur sessions on Cap. Is there any online free version (maybe water downed version) of of sessions or even pdfs or screencasts ?? -Arjun

@Arjun, there are not yet any free versions of the sessions. I’m working on writing up some tutorials that are based on them, though. Watch for the first one (starting at the very, very beginning of using cap) to appear in the next few days, probably.