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Advanced Rails Recipes and Capistrano

11 January 2008 — Praise for "Mike Clark's Advanced Rails Recipes" book — 1-minute read

Mike Clark’s Advanced Rails Recipes (still in beta) is fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough. And if you’re looking for new ways to use Capistrano, you’ll find Mike’s book stocked with (at last count) 9 great deployment- and capistrano-related tips, including how to create custom maintenance pages, running multistage deployments, preserving files between deployments, responding to remote prompts, and more. You won’t be disappointed.

Reader Comments

I think it’d be pretty great if there was a book dedicated to Capistrano, even if it was a relatively short PDF edition.

Even though it’s relatively easy to use I don’t think most people realise what you can do with it. It certainly saves me a lot of time!

That sounds like something targeted to a peepcode PDF

I’ve ordered a copy… this is the third glowing recommendation I’ve seen.

Can you confirm that my colleague Carsten’s Email Veracity Plugin made it in? (link:

Hey, who is Mike and i wanna know what’s Mick’s book?

Wow, every single one of those capistrano tips sounds great. I haven’t done much with it besides the normal deploy stuff and a few custom hook tasks, but have been dying to start getting into most of what you’ve listed as being in the book. I’ll definitely be picking that one up. I have such a hard time reading PDF books though so I’ll probably wait for the really for real paper version. Unless I get a kindle…