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Capistrano and Leopard

12 June 2007 — 1-minute read

So, this was totally news to me, but apparently Mac OS X Leopard will bundle Capistrano. How about that! It’s probably too late for them to bundle cap2, even if I were to release it tomorrow, but at the very least this is motivating me to get things rolling again. I’ll be releasing the third (and final) preview release of Capistrano “soon”, and then the focus will be on getting the site polished enough for the final release on cap2. I’d expect to see cap2 final out late this month, or early July.

Someone, hold me to that!

Reader Comments

Congrats Jamis (and all the contributors). That page is quite the ruby lovefest (rails, ruby dtrace, rubycocoa).

Congrats Jamis. Little by little you are taking over the world…

Great to hear. You’d think they notify you…


I believe it will be installed through rubygems, so updating to the latest version won’t be a problem for users (just run “gem update”)

Jamis, after all this time Capistrano still makes me smile every time I use it. It’s wonderful. Thanks. :)

Congrats… amazingly handy tool. I’ll hold you to the release date an you can hold me to the same date for the new Lucid blog theme. Let the race begin ;)

Congratulations! I was surprised to read that you weren’t informed before.

Yaay!! Jamis’s my man! :D

Awesome! Capistrano deserves every bit of this recognition! I have a feeling Cap2 is going to become the UNIX admins’ new best friend…


Congratulations Jamis, I’m switching to capistrano for my web projects as soon as 2.0 final is ready!