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Using Capistrano to manage EC2 instances

27 March 2007 — 1-minute read

Jesse Newland announced the release of capazon today, a Capistrano extension library to manage Amazon EC2 instances. I love seeing the innovative ways that people are using Capistrano!

And, speaking of Capistrano, let me just say that I’m really, really excited about how Capistrano 2 is turning out… the code is all in the Rails repository, so brave souls may naturally follow along, but I hope to announce a beta gem in the not too distant future.

Reader Comments


Has the development/feature set of Capistrano 2 been driven by things you’ve needed at 37signals or is it more generalised?

John, it is more generalized. Our needs at 37signals have been well met by Capistrano 1.x, but the needs of the community have resulted in lots improvements and extensions. In particular, cap2 will allow deployment by copy, instead of just by checkout, and this is even something we’re eager to take advantage of at 37signals. I’ll do a post or two in the near future outlining the changes and improvements, as well as upgrade caveats (it’s not 100% backwards compatible).

Hi Jamis,

Are you considering supporting (i.e. including in the capistrano base code itself) some of the “quick deployment” concepts that Mike covers in his post “Managing Rails Versions with Capistrano”

Cheers Greg

Can’t wait for 2.0!

btw: what’s the status of capistrano documentation?

Greg, I would like to, certainly. I’m focusing on the core deployment strategies first, and will then branch out and add some more Rails-specific ones.

Scott, that documentation would still be “nonexistent”, sadly. I won’t release cap2 without some documentation, though, minimal though it may be.