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9 February 2007 — The author reflects on the "one-post-per-day" experience — 1-minute read

Well, it was a good run; I think I’ve written at least one post every weekday since the first week in January—a first for me. I have a new respect for those bloggers who post great content, day after day. It’s hard work!

Unfortunately, I’m going to be doing some traveling late next week, and so I’ll be taking the week off from posting to this blog. Recharging my batteries, so to speak. Expect more posts (hopefully I can keep up this daily schedule!) beginning on Monday the 19th.

Thank-you to all of you who have written in with suggestions of things to write about. I’ll be going over those suggestions this next week, and will possibly write up one or two of them. If anyone else has ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments here.

Reader Comments

Thanks for all your posts over the last few weeks – they’ve been a great read!

Thanks for all the great posts, I’ve learned something new and useful every day!

Thank you for giving me the necessary little mental kick to pull me out of a seasonal malaise and back into my project.

I know it’s hard work, but it’s much appreciated. I’ve picked up a few nice tips from your blog. Thanks!

I can honestly say that your recent posts have made me think more about my Rails (and Ruby) development practices/knowledge than any of the books (or blogs, pdf’s, screencasts, etc) that I have seen or purchased (and I think I have all of the books to date….). I hope you can maintain the quality of the posts….even if the quantity decreases.

As a very ‘part-time’ blogger, I can’t imagine coming up with the quality of content as often as you do. Keep up the good work (as often as possible ;-))

Enjoy the break, hope your batteries are suitably recharged!!

Enjoy your travels and keep up the good work!

Enjoy your vacation, thanks so much for the great posts and content.

Thanks for your informative posts. I’ve had to flag nearly every one to go review again and again. I look forward to your return.

You’re a true posting hero Jamis – many thanks for sharing your knowledge. Have a great holiday!

Have a nice rest Jamis, you deserve it ;-)

When you get back, maybe you could talk a little about using Rails components outside Rails, I have read an article from Richard Dale about using ActiveRecord on RubyQt at and found it very interesting and useful.

Your blog posts have been excellent Jamis, enjoy the break!

Jamis, can’t tell you how interesting and helpful your posts have been. If some good publisher were to encourage you to put together all of your insights into a book, I’d be first in line. Thank you so much for all of the great writing.

Thanks for all your helpful posts. Enjoy your time off!