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28 February 2007 — A family reunion will necessitate a temporary silence at the Buckblog — 1-minute read

I’ll be away at a family reunion (of sorts) in Eugene, Oregon for the next few days. As a result, I won’t be posting anything to my blog until next Wednesday at the earliest. Bring on the rain!

Reader Comments

Hi Jamis,

Can I take you out to dinner? :) I live in Eugene, I’ve been in the Windows component business for 10 years, and about a year ago I got a Macbook Pro, installed Rails, Textmate, etc. and never looked back. I’ve built a wellness-management system for special populations like older adults, people dealing with cancer, Parkinson’s and other challenges.

So if you want to escape from your relatives for a short while, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].


Enjoy the rain!

Will you be up near Portland at all? If so, you should try to make the next pdx.rb meeting on next Tuesday night.

Alas, winter weather advisories and severe storm alerts are cropping up all along our projected route, so I’ve had to cancel the trip. :( Disappointing!

The Blue Mountains are not fun at all between Nov and April. I was coming back from PDX after Christmas and hit solid ice at Deadman Pass. That was forty minutes of white knuckles. Luckily I had studded tires. Cancelling was no doubt a good decision.