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Moving to Idaho

20 May 2006 — Relocation will result in a necessary period of silence on the blogging front — 1-minute read

So, next week my family and I are moving to Idaho. We load up the U-Haul on Tuesday (the 23rd) and drive, drive, drive on Wednesday.

What this means is that I’ll be effectively incommunicado until the week after that (the 29th, or thereabouts). So if you send me an email, don’t be disappointed if it takes me a while to reply. I’ll also be temporarily unsubscribing from the various mailing lists I’m on, just to prevent my inbox from growing too quickly while I’m away.

Reader Comments

seems to be the moving to Idaho season. Two weeks ago my family and I moved to Boise from New Hampshire. So far so good :) Enjoy
That's interesting. On the 26th of this month I'm leaving Rexburg, Idaho for San Antonio, Texas. (Though our U-Haul will be a good bit smaller)
Moving to be closer to family? Well, good luck! Hope all goes well for you guys up there. Speaking of up there... I'll be in Nampa for a wedding the week of June 3rd. It's a nice area but I would miss the mountains (meaning having to drive more than 5 minutes to be in the trees).
My parents also live there. Hopefully Jamis will start up Caldwell.rb.
Well, there's already a Boise.rb, so... :)
Sucks for Utah. :(
What's with the 'moving to Idaho' movement? Is the Apocolypse nigh?
Living in Post Falls and doing Rails development in Coeur d Alene. It is beautiful over here.
I have family in Eagle, ID. Its great out there, we often consider moving from suburban Seattle out to the Boise area. The tech jobs are more plentiful here though.