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Katie's Crawling!

18 September 2004 — 1-minute read

I just looked over at my 7.5-month-old daughter and saw her taking a few tentative crawling-steps toward some fuzz on the carpet. She’s been so close to crawling for some time now, and it’s so…amazing! see her finally figuring out the coordination needed to crawl.

I think this is one of my favorite things about fatherhood.

Seven months ago, Katie was a completely helpless, nearly blind, completely bald little bundle of baby fat that did little but eat, sleep, and defecate. (We loved her anyway.)

In those intervening seven months, she’s learned how to control her body to:

  1. turn her head toward a sound
  2. smile (there’s nothing like a baby smiling at you!)
  3. laugh
  4. hold her head steady when being held
  5. roll over
  6. retain her balance while sitting
  7. sit up from laying down
  8. scoot around on her behind
  9. eat solids

And, most recently, crawl!

Then I sit back and think, “what have I accomplished in the last seven months?” We certainly slow down on the earth-shattering developments as we get older, don’t we?