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Vade Mecum and YanceyWare Reader

5 May 2004 — 1-minute read

The weekend brought something of a surprise. I was contacted by Josh Lee, one of the folks working on YanceyWare Reader, and he encouraged me to get involved with the development of YwR. The reason? Bryce Yancey, the creator of YwR, was wanting to use concepts from Vade Mecum (my PPC-based Plucker reader) in an as-yet unborn version of YwR!

I’ve since chatted with Bryce, and he likes many of the features of VM. He also likes the plucker file format, but agrees that trying to do a scripture reader with the plucker format introduces some interesting challenges.

I don’t know that I’ll actually have the time to contribute code to a new YwR version, but it is flattering that my meager attempt at a plucker viewer has come to the attention of such illustrious persons. {:)} I had almost given up on VM, but this kind of has me thinking about it again… if only if only if only it were possible to do PPC development from Linux!

Reader Comments

esiste la versione in italiano del vade mecum?