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A Shadowed Land Called the "Twilight Zone"

3 March 2004 — 2-minute read

You are looking at a blog, just one instance of that ubiquitous online phenomenon that has rapidly swept the silken webs of virtuality. At first superficial glance, there is little to differentiate this dot on the cyberspacial map from any of the millions of other online bungalos. In just a moment, however, you or someone near you will click the link that follows this paragraph, and by so doing will be hurtled down a road less travelled on the information superhighway, to a little-known suburb in…the Twilight Zone.

Tarasine and I have been renting episodes of the Twilight Zone (the original series, from the sixties) from the Orem Public Library. (Incidentally, the OPL is reputed to have the largest VHS/DVD collection in any public library west of the Mississippi. And it only costs a buck to rent any video for all of a week.)

We’ve been watching 10-12 episodes each week for about a month, and it’s been very entertaining; although the majority of the episodes have been clich{e’}, stereotyped, and (therefore) amusing, many have been everything else, ranging from successfully comical, to thought-provoking, to horrifically intense.

We’re watching an episode right now called “From Agnes—With Love,” about a stereotypically nerdy computer programmer and his star-crossed non-relationship with the secretary, with Agnes the supercomputer horning in on the action. Best quote so far: “You’re just a bunch of tubes and data drums!” (It’s definately dated regarding it’s perception of computers.) Another great quote: “Be sure to understand the opposite sex, especially if you intend to be a computer expert.”

We’re curious about the episodes that were made in the 80’s. I’ve heard good and bad about them—personally, I think it’d be difficult to beat the “charm” of the original series, but people said that about Star Trek, too. ;)

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