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2 March 2004 — 2-minute read

I was introduced to Movable Type by a friend at work today. I was about 60% through my own [Ruby weblog implementation, which (if I may be forgiven the hubris of a moment of self-congratulation) was coming together pretty darn well. I’d even implemented a slick little templating engine in 200 lines of Ruby code, and was heading towards a full-featured blog, complete with user authentication, comment submission, themes, and more.

I suppose it’s a good thing I was pointed to [Movable Type], though—I’d pretty much finished with all the easy parts of my own blog implementation, and (as everyone knows) when you’ve finished with the easy parts, all that’s left are the hard parts. And I hate the hard parts.

Movable Type is pretty slick. It’s feature-rich enough that I can forgive it’s Perl-based implementation. I mean, you can get all kinds of plugins for it (I’m using one right now that lets me write my blog entries using [Textile]). It supports multiple users, and even multiple blogs, in the same installation. And best of all, it was relatively simple to install on my web host. (Don’t get me started… my current web host is a topic for another day…)

I think I’m hooked, although I’d be even more hooked if I could find a Movable Type workalike that was implemented in [Ruby]. I know, the implementation shouldn’t matter (and doesn’t matter to most people), but… but… but… Ruby is just so cool! (That’s another topic for another day.)

Perhaps someday I’ll return to and finish my little blogger. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll even write that Movable Type workalike…