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Sex and Tattoos

12 March 2004 — 1-minute read

Today at work we held the “close-out” meeting for the Keystone project (whose purpose was to research the various Java enterprise frameworks that are available and come up with strategic recommendations for our own development environment).

Also today, headlines announced the disciplining of several of BYU’s football players in regards to a sex scandal that recently occurred. Such behavior is contrary to BYU’s honor code, which all students here have agreed to abide by (football player or no).

One of the chief engineers at the meeting today was bemoaning the fact that the honor code seems to have a double standard, with some breaches of it being punished and others being dealt with more leniently. “What,” he asked, giving a for-instance, “is the different between sex and tattoos?” (Tattoos are also contrary to the BYU honor code.)

Dan Wells, our resident comedian, leapt into the contemplative silence that followed and asked, with a confused expression, “You don’t know the difference between sex and tattoos?”